Invitation in English

Historisk Motor Sport Danmark and FDM-DTC Motorsport A/S invite for at race meeting at FDM Jyllandsringen on May 7th-8th 2016.

There will be circuit racing for classic saloon cars, sports cars, single seaters and youngtimers.

Races will be held for the following classes:

  • A: Youngtimer division 1 (minimum 15 year old cars, 4,4-6,4 kilo/bhp)
  • B: Youngtimer division 2 (minimum 15 year old cars, 6,4-7,4 kilo/bhp)
  • C: Youngtimer division 3 (minimum 15 year old cars, over 7,4 kilo/bhp)
  • D: Classic single seaters (FF1600, FF2000, Formula Vee, Formula Super Vee, Formula 3, Opel/Lotus)
  • E: Saloons and sports cars up til 1965 (appendix K)
  • F: Saloons and sports cars 1966-1971 up to 1300 ccc (appendix K)
  • G: Saloons and sports cars 1966-1971 over 1300 ccc (appendix K)
  • H: Saloons and sports cars 1972-1976 and 1977-1981 (appendix K)
  • I: Saloons and sports cars 1982-1985 (appendix K)

The races for classes A-H count towards Dansk Automobil Sports Union’s national championship. All races count towards the Danish Masters Series. Classes B and C will be run together and classes H and I will be run together.

Participation is based on entry. The deadline for entries is Friday, April 30th 2016.

The entry fee is DKK 2.450,00 pr. car. An additional fee of DKK 250,00 for rolling road expenses is payable for Youngtimers.

Foreign drivers can get transport expenses to the amount of DKK 1.000,00 covered.

Entry and payment is possible through the homepage of Historisk Motor Sport Danmark,

Your participation has been accepted, when your entry has been registered. Payment will not be withdrawn until April 30th 2016. It is possible to cancel your entry without cost until April 30th. After that day the cancellation fee is DKK 500,00.

Time schedule and supplimentary regulation can be seen on this homepage.